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I help people make money.

Online Marketing

With more than 10 years of proven marketing success Pat can help you achieve your marketing goals. Learn how Pat can help at Milagros Marketing.

Musician’s Services

An accomplished musician in his own right, Pat offers recording, production & promotion services, and more. Get help at Terlingua Music.

Publishing Services

A best-selling author, Pat knows the value of publishing a book and can help you stand out in a crowded field. Get published at Portable Empire Publishing.

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Best-Selling Author

Pat is a best selling author with books spanning a range of topics from Internet Marketing to the Tao. His most recent book is a celebration of Terlingua’s musicians. You can find his books on

Accomplished Musician

A professional musician since the 1970s Pat has played with legends such as Stevie Ray Vaughan and Eric Johnson and opened for artists from BB King to ZZ Top. You can find Pat's music on Reverb Nation.

Event Producer

Having hosted dozens of marketing-related events, in 2014 Pat turned his attention to creating a music event in Terlingua and the 2nd annual Viva Terlingua Fest is set for August 20-23, 2015. Buy tickets at Viva Terlingua Fest!

More about Pat

Pat O’Bryan began his music touring career at the age of 16. He sings and plays guitar, bass, keyboards, and mandolin.

A high-school drop-out, he was accepted in the North Texas State University music program based on a piano audition. Shortly thereafter, he was accepted into the elite Electronic Music composition program there where he learned to program synthesizers and compose modern classical music.

As a senior at NTSU, Pat applied and was accepted into the Modern Music composition program at the University of Texas, where he participated in several composition recitals. His work was performed along with Morton Subotnik’s performance at the Bass Recital Hall.

While at UT, Pat studied photography with Gary Winogrand.

After three years at UT, again without graduating, Pat’s band was signed by Lone Wolf Productions (who also managed ZZ Top), and he left college to tour with Cheap Trick, Heart, Climax Blues Band and other acts.

Pat (eventually) graduated with a BA in Accounting, minors in Music and English, from Sam Houston State University. He is a member of the Accounting Honor Society and worked, among other compliance auditing positions, as the Assistant Auditor for Montgomery County, Texas.

Later, Pat joined the W.C. Clark Blues Review and played with BB King, Hubert Sumlin, the Fabulous Thunderbirds, Stevie Ray Vaughan and many of his blues heroes.

After leaving W.C.’s band, Pat moved to Houston and opened 34th Street Recording Studio, where he produced and engineered hundreds of albums for local and national recording acts. He also was active as a studio guitarist, which led to him signing his first recording contract with Home Cooking Records. His recordings received steady airplay on European blues radio stations, and he appeared on CDs with Johnny Winter, Johnny Copeland, Albert Collins and others.

His 1998 CD, of Trains and Angels, led to a recording/distribution contract with ZYX records in Germany, and five years of intensive tours in Europe playing festivals and clubs in Germany, Holland, Sweden, England, and Scotland.

In 2004, Pat discovered Internet Marketing and quickly became successful. In 2006, Wylie publishing, the world’s largest non-fiction book publisher, asked if he would like to write a book about how he did that, and offered a five-figure advance. This led to Pat’s first best-selling book, Your Portable Empire. Pat has since written six more books, all best-sellers.

Pat owns several businesses including Portable Empire Publishing, Portable Empire Hosting, and Practical Metaphysics (an inspirational audio/video marketing company.)

In 2013, Pat and his wife, Betsy, moved to Terlingua, Texas, where they live in a 2-story cabin in the Chihuahuan desert near Big Bend National Park.

Recognizing an immediate need for financial assistance in South Brewster County, Pat began promoting charity music events raising tens of thousands of dollars for various charities and individuals. In 2014, Pat formed “Terlingua Cares”, a 501(c)3 non-profit to facilitate these charitable events.

In 2014, Pat started Milagros Marketing to make his online marketing and production skills available to his neighbors.

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