Boomer’s Last Stand

The first video from the new album, “Boomer’s Last Stand,” is up on YouTube.

The project is moving along.  Beppe did the drum tracks in Brescia, Italy.  Amazing job- adding the real drums really made the songs “real.”

This song is just Beppe and me.

Stay tuned- Elizabeth Lee did some fantastic vocals.  Larry Chaney did a guitar lead on “I’ll Be Satisfied” that’ll make you drop your jaw and scratch your head…   how did he do that?

Chase Peeler added Sax to “In My Arms Again.”  Tasty.

Old pal Carolyn Wonderland is doing a guitar lead on “That Ain’t Cheatin’.”  Can’t wait to see what she comes up with.

Aside from Carolyn’s lead, the tracks are done.  I’ve been mixing and listening and re-mixing and listening and throwing shit at the walls and remixing…  this is probably my last album project, and I want it to be perfect.

And albums are never perfect.

Stay tuned.


International Blues Band

It’s the time of the pandemic, which will be followed by the economic collapse.

What do we do? We make music.  Click on the song names below to hear the finished demos.

Introducing the “International Blues Project.”  Thanks to technology, I’m putting together a super-group to record this project.  The drummer is in Italy, the other singer is in Germany, the sax player is in Colorado, the harmonica player is on the Texas Coast, the other guitar player is in Dripping Springs, and the bass player is in San Marcos.

I’ll name names later, but these are all touring and recording musicians- getting this band together in one studio at the same time would cost a fortune.  Doing it this way, they can all work on the project in their spare time. It’s going to be amazing. My hardest job is writing 10 or so great songs to justify having this much talent on call.

These are demos I made so that the band can learn the songs. I played all the instruments and sang them. I promise the finished project will sound much better.  Over the next several months, I’ll be shipping project files via the internet to some of the players- Beppe is starting the drum recording in Italy in August.  For the other Texas musicians, I’ll put my studio in a backpack and go to where they are, as soon as it’s safe to travel.


She Looks Just Like You

Burn It Down

Life During Plague Time

Shut The Fuck Up

In My Arms Again

Tell Me the Truth

D’ya Ever Feel Like That?

Nikki Put The Knife Down



Custom Music for Moving Pictures

Feeding the libraries
Feeding the libraries


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