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How would you like it if somebody who is successful at Internet Marketing were to teach you how to make money with Internet Marketing? For FREE?  Seriously.

Well, OK.  Here goes…

Some people are surprised to find out that I read the emails I get. It takes a while, and I don’t respond to all of them- but a couple of nights ago, in a hotel room in Alpine, Texas, I was going through my emails late at night and I opened one that got my attention.

Basically, it said, “you keep offering me stuff to buy. Why don’t you rich sons of bitches give away these products? If y’all are so rich, why don’t you teach us how to do Internet Marketing for free?”

I responded to that one.

First of all, I replied that some of us do give stuff away.   Like my FREE book, “Money From Anywhere.”  If you read that book, and DO what it teaches, you’ll be able to build your own Portable Empire and make money from anywhere any time you like.  If you haven’t read it, go download it and read it now.

I also mentioned that some people didn’t value information they get for free- they’re more likely to value and use information if they pay for it.

However… on the ride from Alpine to my off-the-grid cabin in Terlingua I got to thinking about all the FREE Internet Marketing information that I had put online lately- and wondering if you had seen it?

Here’s the deal:  when you’re first starting out in Internet Marketing, you probably don’t have much money.  Luckily, it doesn’t take much money.  You need a domain, that’s about $8. You need hosting, that’s about $5 a month.  You need WordPress (that’s the software that powers most blogs- like this one), that’s free.  And you really need an autoresponder, which costs $19/month.

You can get somebody to install WordPress on your server for $5 at

That’s $8 + $5 + $19 + +5 = $37.

If you don’t have $37 to start your new business, well…  keep reading, but the minute you can afford it without hurting yourself or your loved ones, get started.

Now, how do you DO it?

It just turns out that I’ve got a pretty complete Internet Marketing course online for free. Now, just because it’s free doesn’t mean it’s not valuable.  It is.  This is information you can use right now to make money right now.

You see, some of us S.O.B.’s do care.  And we do give it away.  The question is, “will you use it?”

Below, you’ll find a list of blog posts.  I could bundle them up into a course and put ’em online and sell this information.  There are some pretty nifty tricks in there, some basic how-to stuff, and a lot of good strategy you can use right now.  Most importantly, reading those will give you a broad understanding of the Internet Marketing business, and how to make money at it.

Of course, you may still want to buy some tools after you read these blog posts.  I’ve been in this business for (!!!) almost eight years now, and I still buy products.  They’re shortcuts. They’re tools.  You can make many multiples of what they cost, if you know how to use them.

But- pay attention here- until you know how the Internet Marketing business works, you don’t know what tools you need.

So, before you buy one more thing…

Read the book.  Watch the video.  Read the blog posts.  And then DO it!

Good luck!

By the way- if you get some value from this information, or want to suggest a topic for a future blog post, leave a comment.  I want to hear from you.  Thanks!

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27 Responses to “Free Internet Marketing Information”

  1. Bart Vyvey Says:

    I had to laugh when you quoted that first mail. This person obviously hasn’t got a clue what you’re doing. Teaching and giving away is pretty much all I’ve seen you do in the last couple of years. And yes, of course you send us the occasional mail where you clearly state you’re an affiliate for a product. Like you said: it’s a business you’re running, not a hobby! The thing is: when I read your recommendations I KNOW for a fact you’ve tested it and you’re recommendation is actually worth something… Why? Because I’m aware you make enough money to buy all of them and are able to spend the time to go through them. That’s what’s doing it for me…

  2. Carl Says:

    I agree with Bart. Obviously, whoever wrote that doesn’t know follow you or know you very well. Nice way to turn that one into something good, Pat.

  3. Mike Says:

    Here’s a guy who is a perfect example for everything you teach. He obviously sees being rich as a bad thing. And as you’ve said many times, a person with negative beliefs will never become rich until they work on their “inner game” first. You could give this guy every internet product ever produced and it wouldn’t make a difference. You can tell from his comment that he deeply believes “rich people are greedy and evil” and until he gets over that belief, he’s going to remain stuck where he is. And I agree that when you give someone something for free, they tend to value it less and are more likely not to use it. Heck, I’ve got products that I’ve spent hundreds on, that I haven’t gotten around to using yet. Keep up the good un-work.

  4. Pain Relief-Physical or Psychological Says:


    As always you lay it out simply, elegantly in a way anyone can follow if they want to make money on line.

    To Your Best,
    Dr. Houston Vetter

  5. Pierre Says:

    I wouldn’t give this guy the time of day… Calling somebody a rich SOB is totally uncalled for.

  6. jennifer ferguson Says:

    Well done Pat for “responding” as opposed to “reacting” to this guy’s comments,i certainly appreciate all that you do.Online marketing terrifies me & for that reason i’m going to give it a go,face my fear rather run away from it.It might take me awhile to get going as i’m supporting my daughter through a marriage break -up just now so my time is limited but hopefully in a few weeks i should have the time to have a go.All the very best to you & thank you for all that you share. Jen

  7. Shelley Says:

    Bravo Pat…. the guy has to learn to get himself out of his pity party and read the material… sorry for him he is missing the opportunity of a life time!!! Im in and Im telling anyone who will listen..its interesting how many people exist in “I cant do that’ :( wish them all the best…

  8. Tom Crabill Says:

    Pat I am really enjoying your incite. Joe, is a great teacher, but its great to learn his teaching from one of his students that now has become a teacher. :)
    I wanted to give/share a tool that people can use today to impact their lives positive. Post the Website if you like and watch the Video.


  9. Martha Giffen Says:

    I don’t believe you could make it any more simple. The trick is in actually following the instructions. Maybe your e-mailer will see that now.

  10. Joe Says:

    Hello, Pat! Just wanted to say that I’m a fan. Not only of what you’ve written, but your music as well. I would love the opportunity to share some files and collaborate in some way with you musically. Hope to hear from you sometime. All the best, Brother!!!

  11. pat Says:

    thanks for all the great (and supportive) comments.

    I’m always looking for blog topics- is there anything you want to know more about?

  12. Steve Says:

    Great stuff Pat. Ed Dales is another who gives it all away free. He runs the 30day challenge, totally free and I believe it starts again 1st September. The big problem with all this stuff is simple. People either give up or take no action. Then they complain it doesnt work. You can take a horse to water but cant make it drink.

  13. Ken Says:

    Hey Pat,

    coupla questions:
    1) a few years back I seem to recall you had an virtual world business model going on? I finally might have the internet connections for this, but now can’t find it. kinda WOW for business,any advice?

    2) Maybe I missed it, but have you addressed marketing non-internet material in an internet context? Let’s say you teach tai chi, or make muusic: how would you go about producing an internet friendly product to profit from these types of business skills?


  14. pat Says:

    Hi Ken- yea- i tried to use Second Life for commerce. Failed.

    I tend to focus on digital products. I’ve got a LOT of musicians in my coaching program, and we’re looking at various ways of marketing music. It’s hard. People want products that solve problems. Tai Chi might work- videos? Meditation music is much easier to market than entertainment music. It solves a problem, whereas with entertainment you’re competing with Lady Gaga, for example, and it’s very hard for an unknown, non-touring artist without label support to make a dent in the market.

    I recommend- although my students tend to ignore me- that artists learn internet marketing and use the income from that to subsidize their art until they “make it.”

  15. Nicole Loth Says:

    If I take your course, work very hard, be
    very serious about it, when would it be
    realistic that I could start to make some
    money on line ? I know it is a difficult
    question since you do not know me, but as
    I need a income, I have to know if , example, I could study with you, and have
    a income (even a small one) in about 2 months. I really appreciate the fact that you would give such a course for free.
    Thank you for reply.

  16. Joni Says:

    Hi Pat,

    I just ordered your Affirmation/Meditation CD (with Joe Vitale). The music is absolutely beautiful and I can listen to it even while working (I’m an accountant, so usually can’t listen to anything if I really need to focus)! Anyway, quite the opposite of your emailer, I said to my son…”thats the best $39.95 purchase I’ve made in a long time”! Don’t know too much about the internet marketing world or if it could help me, but thanks for the free materials….very much appreciated!

  17. Cynthia Charleen Says:

    Thanks for all the step by step info, Pat. You are always so generous with your information – and not a bunch of “canned” stuff.

    Go Unseminar!

  18. Mano Rame Says:

    I’m sure this will help a lot of newbies to get started. I mean there is so much misinformation floating on the cyberspace about internet marketing. Your website will help to get more clarity.

  19. Leeza Robertson Says:

    Great Post Pat, your emailer is just one of the hoards of people who have been sucked into the NOW event mentality. I am always amazed at the looks on peoples faces when you tell them they may actually have to do something in order to achieve something. We can only hope that when the nowers are ready they will learn how to become processors.

  20. Rob Metras Says:

    Great advice Pat. Some I.M. guys tell me that 90%+ people buy stuff and put it onto their bookshelf and dont do it. Like antique collectors

    GitErDone Cowboys!

  21. pat Says:

    That’s the plan. Here’s hoping…

  22. pat Says:


  23. pat Says:

    Hi Nicole,

    you’re right. That’s a question that is impossible to answer.

    however, if you really work it like a job (for a while) you should be able to make money in a month or two and replace a full-time job in a year or so.

    most people don’t put in the work, so they don’t get the results. then they say, “Internet Marketing doesn’t work.”

    It does work, and it’s easier and cheaper to get into than any other business I know of- but you do have to learn, work, and continue learning and working.

  24. pat Says:

    thanks, Joe!

  25. Elissa Says:

    Hey! Didn’t I pay 39.99 for money from anywhere when you first launched it? Well, free or otherwise I still haven’t been able to come up with product. Artists do need alternate income. I told that to all my students. I will review your other documents. Thanks. Product that’s the rub!

  26. pat Says:

    the actual printed book, “money from anywhere,” is for sale at We charge for that because Amazon charges us. Also, I intend to be compensated for the work I do and writing books is work.

    The eBook has always been available for free at

  27. Sally Says:


    I signed up for your free book twice with two different email addresses but nothing arrived. :-(

    Maybe I’m just too impatient and it will later.


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