Ancient Chinese Wisdom that works.

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Once upon a time in a land far, far away a young girl was carrying a pail of milk down a dusty trail.

It was a cool and sunny day.  Tall trees shaded the trail, so the sun was filtered and dappled making the forest appear almost sepia toned.  The girl is gently skipping and the pail swings gently at her side.

It could have been an unseen rock.  Maybe it was a silver fox that streaked onto the path, tripped her, and then disappeared into the forest.  Perhaps a forest sprite or woodlands spirit was just feeling frisky that day… Read the rest of this entry »

Maybe you ARE rich?

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Make money from anywhere?

Why not?

This is actually a post about Internet Marketing.  But, it’s also an exploration into “what does it mean to be rich?”  Hang with me here while I set it up.  If you’re just interested in the “make money” part, skip on down.

Last weekend I played several gigs with some local musicians.  Since my  cabin is up to 40 miles away from some of the gigs, I decided to live in my RV for the weekend.

It gets about the same gas mileage as my 4Runner and has a comfy bed, bathroom, kitchen, and a kick-ass music system.

As far as I was concerned, I was living like a King.  I was rich. Read the rest of this entry »

The Law of Attraction and Money

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Last weekend I received this email:

I have tried for so long and I think it is safe to say I give up. I have tried to stay as positive as I can and nothing has worked unless I am blind to things happening. In June 2011 I lost my job and I have gone on so many interviews that I cannot understand why, I wake up at 5 every morning and live as though I am going to work actually get on my computer and do work. I have tried to manifest the things I need for my children but I nothing has worked. God knows I need a miracle, tomorrow at 1:30 I go to court to be evicted out of my home because I have not had money to pay the rent since August (I managed June and July). Today I sit here on my computer with a smile on my face because I know if I let go of this smile I will cry unstoppable. I have tried all that I am aware of and nothing has worked.

I haven’t responded, yet.

What would you say?

As you can imagine, I’ve given it a lot of thought Read the rest of this entry »

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