An Evening With Kevin Trudeau

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Author, infomercial star, radio commentator, and health guru Kevin Trudeau joined Dr. Joe Vitale and some friends at the Vitale Cigar Bar in Wimberley, Texas for cigars, steak and conversation. Nerissa, of Food Powers, Bruce Collie, former NFL star and parenting guru, Brad and Harrison, from Cafe Tycoon, Michael, from Austin All Natural Magazine, Joe and I were there.

I brought a Flip Ultra HD video cam and got about an hour of behind the scenes video.  This is Kevin and Joe like you’ve never seen them.  Log in above with your name and email address and you’ll get instant access to that video.  It will blow your mind.
the gang with kevin trudeau

I was glad to be there. Kevin has had an interesting life, and isn’t the least bit afraid of controversy.  He’s sold millions of copies of his books, and has a fast-growing audience for his popular radio show.

He’s traveled to dozens of countries and interviewed healers, shamans, and survivors.  This research has led him to some  conclusions that are out of the mainstream.  I’m cool with that.  The mainstream is almost always wrong.  Social proof is no proof at all.

In this video, Kevin talks about what he’s learned.  Some of it is pretty mind-bending.  Some of it I flat out don’t believe.  Some…. well, I’ve made a couple of purchases since this dinner.  Everybody I’ve talked to who was there has changed something about their lives- either added supplements, changed diet, or ordered an e-pendant.  I did all three.

kevin trudeau visits joe vitale

As fascinating as the content was, what I found even more interesting is the philosophy Kevin brings to marketing and promotion.  I believe that he believes what he’s saying.  I also believe that he’s just fine if you don’t.  As a matter of fact, he may prefer that you don’t.

In the beginning of the video, he’s talking about Alex Jones, who I would call a “fringe” radio DJ.  He’s also very popular and has a huge audience.  Listen to how he frames the show and the audience.

kevin trudeau visits joe vitale

The philosophy, as explained by Kevin, helps me to understand why people listen to Rush Limbaugh, Glen Beck, Howard Stern, and other “shock-jocks.”  They may or may not be promoting positions in which they believe.  From a marketing point of view, it doesn’t matter.  What matters is that people listen.  Some listen and agree.  Others listen and disagree.  As long as they’re listening, and interacting, they’re traffic.  And, as Internet Marketers, we know how important traffic is.

kevin trudeau visits joe vitale

I especially recommend this video to my coaching clients and UnSeminar veterans.  In our private coaching forums, I’ve been working with clients who are struggling with “who would read what I write?”  and “what if I email my list and they don’t like me?”  questions.

Joe and I were talking about this a few days after the meeting with Kevin, and we came to the conclusion that if you don’t want some sort of “blow-back,” your best option is to stay home and pet your cat.

Seriously, if you stay home and pet your cat- and don’t do anything else- then, you’ll never be criticized.  Nobody will unsubscribe from your list, because you won’t have one.  Nobody will criticize your products, because you won’t make any.  Nobody will post bad reviews of your books, because you won’t write them.

Of course, you’ll be broke- and whatever you could have brought to the world will be lost- but you won’t get any blow-back.

To quote “Dune,” “Fear is the mind-killer.”

kevin trudeau visits joe vitale\

Joe ends his emails with a Latin saying that translates as “Dare Something Worthy.”

What you think is worthy may not be what I think is worthy.  That is an excellent reason for you to dare it.  It’s your life.  It’s your world.  You’re not here to please everybody- and, let’s face it, you can’t.

Neither can I, and neither can Kevin.  So, with that as a given, another quote is in order:  “you might as well shoot for the moon.  If you miss, you’ll at least be among the stars.”

So, sign in and watch the video.  It’s free.

I promise that it will challenge you.  It may make you angry.  It may prompt you to do something interesting, change your diet, or change your mind.

I’d love to hear your comments- after you watch the video, come back here and tell me all about it.

4 Responses to “An Evening With Kevin Trudeau”

  1. cdjensen Says:

    Looks like a cool gang! 😉

  2. GayBard Says:

    This was an interesting way to start my Thanksgiving Day. I take this all with, if you’ll pardon the expression, a large grain of salt, but it was fascinating nonetheless. I have for the most part avoided drugs and modern medicine in my life. Several years ago, I developed gout and started taking Advil like candy, as it was literally the only thing that would relieve the pain of a major attack. (I also changed my diet severely, which lessened the attacks and symptoms.)

    In January, I had a heart attack. Since then, I have been taking anywhere from 11 to 15 different drugs a day; blood thinners, high blood pressure medication, diuretics, etc. etc. I really hate it, but have believed that it is saving my life. All the thought and study I’ve done in the past went out the window. It didn’t stop me from having gout or heart failure, so what good is it?

    Listening to Kevin Trudeau brought me back to a lot of what I’ve always thought, but haven’t necessarily followed about natural foods, chemicals in the environment, etc. Some of what he says makes him sound like a wacko, but a lot of it sounds reasonable and he is so passionate and articulate it is hard to dismiss.

    Even though I think some of it is really in the realm of fantasy (stones around your neck deflecting negative thought, for instance) he and his ideas definitely deserve more study, which I will do. It would be wonderful if I could find the way (and the courage) to rid myself of the gout and stop ingesting prescribed poisons on a daily basis. (The blood thinner Coumadin is made literally, believe it or not, from rat poison.)

    Thanks, Pat, for putting these radical ideas in my path and reawakening a life-time interest in the environmental (both internal and external) causes of health and disease.


    P.S. I am, nonetheless, grateful for the medical care I receive.

  3. pat Says:

    Geoff- I don’t claim to understand everything Kevin says. I don’t have the background or training to endorse or not endorse.

    I do know that I’ve made some changes in my life- the supplements i take, for example- because of that conversation with Kevin.

    If something resonates with you from that interview, go deep on the research and find out what’s best for you.

  4. Chris Says:

    THC cures cancer and many other things. Think about it like this. Your body has a way of curing itself and when you give it what it needs, it grows. Well THC GROWS brain cells, nerve cells. Fluoride and mercury and GMO’s do the opposite… so.. what do you chose?

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